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HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has a team of talented, dedicated graphic artists ready and able to fabricate any image its host may require, no matter how ridiculous, be it Paul Giamatti dressed as a mango, Kid Rock driving a monster truck through a Dairy Queen, a classy magazine called Cockfighting Aficionado, or even Paul Giamatti dressed as a mango. (That last image merits two mentions since it seems to be John Oliver’s very favorite.) Admittedly, the sight of the weary-eyed Sideways star clad as a juicy, colorful stone fruit is striking and memorable. Tragically, though, Last Week Tonight only has a 30-minute running time, meaning that not all of these hilarious images receive the airtime they deserve. Fortunately, as the program nears the end of its hiatus, John Oliver is sharing some of the best “lost graphics” in a two-part series of web-exclusive videos.

Unsurprisingly, there are numerous gems to be found among Last Week Tonight‘s discarded comedy scraps. In one image, unpredictable cinema star Nicolas Cage is depicted agreeing to appear in a film called Bark To The Future, which John Oliver speculates is either about a time-traveling dog or a time-traveling tree. The Pope Francis condom wrapper is pretty epic in its own right. And look for a veritable parade of the requisite pictures of animals who think they’re people, like a whale with a toupée (Oliver dubs him “the Aqua Trump”) and a panda king.


[via Laughing Squid]

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