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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

It’s back to school time for many youngsters across this nation. However, there’s a lot of information that can fall between the cracks when learning the multiplication tables, memorizing the Magna Carta, or plowing through the interminable Ethan Frome. Luckily, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has released a web-exclusive video that covers the information many teachers will neglect to share with their students.

Whether it’s the smell of embalming fluid, how to cook meth, or a simple listing of who dies at the end of a book, Oliver has all of this information covered. It’s a fun look at the dismal state of education and the rather large gaps that exist in teaching today. If kids don’t learn about Jerry (Warren G. Harding’s penis) in schools, they’ll just learn about it on the streets; and is that really where that sort of information belongs?

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