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Illustration for article titled John Noble now aem Sleepy Hollow/em regular after its revealed that [spoiler] John Noble is awesome

Following a season finale where it was revealed that [spoiler alert] absolutely everything about Sleepy Hollow is insane and [spoiler alert] everyone involved in the founding of America was some kind of secret mystical warlock or something—which explains why the Constitution is still able to reliably answer every single one of our political issues more than 200 years later—the show has promoted two of its already key actors to series regulars. The Hollywood Reporter says that John Noble will remain an instrumental part of the show, after it was revealed that [spoiler alert] people really like John Noble, and also [spoiler alert] there’s some new, crazy shit about his character’s true identity that only Sleepy Hollow could make you just go along with. A promotion was also given to Lyndie Greenwood, whose character Jenny Mills, the formerly institutionalized sister of Abbie Mills, [spoiler alert] will be revealed to be the reincarnation of John Quincy Adams, the way things are going.


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