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John Mulaney's hosting SNL

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John Mulaney has a long and storied history with Saturday Night Live; as the co-creator—and frequent breaker—of Bill Hader’s beloved Weekend Update correspondent Stefon, Mulaney spent six years on the show’s writing staff, filling it with some of its strangest, funniest jokes of the last several years. Outside the occasional rare cameo, though, Mulaney’s never spent much time in front of the show’s cameras. That’s about to change, with NBC announcing that the celebrated stand-up will be hosting the series for the first time on April 14.


Paired with musical guest Jack White, Mulaney will presumably be promoting his upcoming new Netflix special, Kid Gorgeous At Radio City, which airs on May 1. Besides his proven stand-up skills, Mulaney’s also a talented improviser, and—as the creator of Oh Hello’s George St. Geegland—no stranger to the sort of big, weird characters that can thrive on the long-running sketch show. Between this one, and the Chadwick Boseman/Cardi B combo SNL has planned for April 7, April’s looking pretty damn sunny at Studio 8H.

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