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Another week, another round of shockingly good Saturday Night Live hosting picks, with the show announcing today that actor Daniel Craig, and all-time SNL all-star John Mulaney, will be returning to Studio 8H in the next couple of weeks. And not to slight James Bond or anything, but the obvious excitement-inducer here is Mulaney, who’ll be making his third hosting appearance on February 29. (With David Byrne as musical guest! That’s one hell of a bill.)


A veteran of the show’s writing staff, Mulaney is, to put none too fine a point on it, very good at Saturday Night Live, with a keen ability to infuse the sometimes leaden show with the absurdist energy that runs through so much of his comedy (including his recent Netflix special, The Sack Lunch Bunch). The only real danger is the question of whether he can keep his streak going. SNL is, after all, a place where diminishing returns so frequently take their toll. We have to ask: Will Mulaney risk it all to cap off the “Diner Lobster”/“Bodega Bathroom” trilogy at last?

Meanwhile, Craig hosted the show for the first time back in 2012, before turns in off-beat non-Bond projects like Logan Lucky and Knives Out had clued the world—including, possibly, the SNL writers—into how funny he could be when given a committed character to play. Will a second time be the charm? Will it sound natural when he announces The Weeknd as musical guest? Will he find the proper fucks to give? Only time will tell, as he takes up hosting duties next month, on March 7.

Meanwhile, the show played host to NFL star J.J. Watt last week, with entertainment legend RuPaul set to take the stage on February 8 (with Justin Bieber, once again returning as musical guest, in tow).

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