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John Mayer’s new soft-rock single gets a genuinely funny, Tim & Eric-style video

John Mayer has tried his hand at comedy before, often with diminishing returns. But now it seems, having dabbled in both stand-up and roast battles, he’s finally reached his absurdist phase with a new Tim & Eric-style music video that’s actually pretty funny. While the song—his new single, “New Light”—is unquestionably the same soft rock we’ve come to expect from Mayer, it’s fun to see him awkwardly march around exotic green screen locations like Paris, Malibu, and the Great Pyramids.

Yesterday, Mayer teased the new video on his Twitter account saying that, while it’s not up to him to say whether it’s “good,” there is no doubt that it’s “content.” The narrative of this particular bit seems to be that Mayer wanted to make a video for his new single but “nobody could agree on a budget.” So, instead he shot it on his own “with a company that usually does birthday and Bar Mitzvah videos.”


In reality, this new comedy-forward video just looks to be part of Mayer’s new aesthetic (probably stylized as A E S T H E T I C), which is centered around memes and ‘90s fashion. It’s unclear whether this is a one-off bit or will be applied to all Mayer’s content going forward, but as long as he occasionally waves at himself over a zebra, we’re on board.

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