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Being John Malkovich

Having starred in Being John Malkovich—and having been born John MalkovichJohn Malkovich understands what it means to be John Malkovich. But if he plays his cards right, and doesn’t trot out any bad Boston accents on set, he may learn something even more elusive: what it means to thwart Mark Wahlberg. According the The Hollywood Reporter, Malkovich has signed on to join Deepwater Horizon, which will chronicle the final hours of the BP oil rig disaster of 2010.

Malkovich joins a cast that already includes Kurt Russell, Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez, and The Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien (sorry kid, no mazes here, just fiery death and corporate malfeasance). Wahlberg stars as a marine electrician facing down warning signs of the rig’s imminent catastrophe. A veteran actor who is nearly unparalleled at skillfully portraying assholes, Malkovich will be tenting his fingers as a BP representative who refuses to accept or acknowledge that there is any imminent danger on the rig. This was despite the fact that the rig was called “Deepwater Horizon,” which sounds very much like the title of a Mark Wahlberg movie.


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