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John Malkovich takes Jude Law's holy throne in this trailer for HBO's The New Pope

The last time we heard from The New Pope, HBO’s follow-up to Paulo Sorrentino’s baffling/beautiful The Young Pope, Jude Law’s Lenny Belardo was strutting across a beach in a tiny bathing suit as women fawned over him—a mysterious tease, given that the previous series ended with his character falling into a coma. This new teaser for The New Pope introduces Lenny’s successor, John Malkovich’s Giovanni Paolo III, who confesses that he’s “irresponsible, indolent, pompous, and conceited” as other voiceovers refer to him as a great man who… might not be so great. Given the imagery in this teaser, it’s definitely clear that something fucked up is going on in the Vatican, and we’re not just talking about the neon cross behind Jude Law as he recovers from the events of last season (a recovery that might go quicker than it seemed like it would, given the ending here).


The New Pope comes to HBO in January.

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