Photo: Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

One of the weirdest things about the Pitch Perfect movies is how many characters are shown to be in their senior year in one film, who nonetheless return to perform in a college a cappella group a year later (and looking a year older). They can’t all be flunking like Brittany Snow’s character, can they? It’s rather una-ca-untable. Time stands still when you have great harmonies, we suppose. But even then, it’s not likely that John Lithgow, who’s just joined the cast of Pitch Perfect 3, will perform with the Bellas alongside Snow, Anna Kendrick, and Rebel Wilson. His role hasn’t been announced yet, but maybe it’ll be like The Intern, where a senior (citizen) is encouraged take part in youth culture, and teach an actress named Anna a thing or two. New director Trish Sie will just have to suss that out with writers Kay Cannon, Mike White, and Dana Fox.

[via Variety]