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Hold onto your balance sheets, because Deadline reports that John Lithgow is set to join Ben Affleck in The Accountant. Like a corporate income statement being audited for unverified fourth quarter purchase orders, the fiscally minded action thriller was stuck in development hell before Warner Bros. could make the calculations necessary to move the project forward.


Warrior director Gavin O’ Connor is helming The Accountant, with Lithgow set to play a successful robotics mogul, and Affleck starring as a government accountant who moonlights as a killer-for-hire. The CPA (Certified Proficient Assassin) helps Lithgow investigate accounting irregularities within his company. Affleck’s character is likely familiar with such irregularities, having neither reported his income as a sole proprietor assassin in a Schedule C, nor filed it in the proper 1099-MISC form.

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