It looks like we might have to wait a little longer for The Pest 2: Funnyman John Leguizamo trashes pretty much everybody he ever worked with in Hollywood in his upcoming memoir titled (no joke) Pimps, Hos, Players, Haters and All the Rest of My Hollywood Friends, according to Radar Online. Leguizamo says Kevin Costner is a dick, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pig, Mike Nichols is a diva, and Leonardo DiCaprio is a dude who likes doin' it with hookers while beng videotaped. But he saves his most charming observation for Nicole Kidman, who co-starred with Leguizamo in Moulin Rouge: "[B]eing down that low all the time, I got to peek up Nicole Kidman's skirt. Let me just say the curtains match the carpet." Because Leguizamo played a midget in the movie. Get it? Yeah, he doesn't get it, either.