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After years of only receiving recognition from the music industry, John Legend finally broke out of that box by winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Glory.” Now he has a taste for movies, and he’s not ready to go back to the slimy pit that is the music industry just yet. So, according to Variety, John Legend’s next project will be producing a movie of his own.


The film doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s set to star Grammy-winning singer Miguel as a once-popular artist who “regains his love for music” when he starts working with an aspiring singer who is auditioning for an American Idol-style singing competition. It’s described as a “musical romantic drama,” so Miguel and the aspiring singer probably end up having some kind of non-coaching-related relationship—unless the “romantic” part just refers to his “love for music,” which would be interesting. It wouldn’t be especially romantic, but it would be interesting.

Music video director Nabil Elderkin—who has worked with Legend a few times—will make his feature film debut on this project. Variety says Legend will “curate the music,” though, which sounds like the more important job anyway. This is a musical, after all, so the director just has to tell the singers to sing better. Legend will be the one making sure the songs are good.

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