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John Krasinski's next movie to trade A Quiet Place for outer space

Illustration for article titled John Krasinskis next movie to trade iA Quiet Place /ifor outer space
Photo: David M. Benett (Getty Images)

Newly minted blockbuster horror director John Krasinski isn’t resting on the laurels of his sudden success story A Quiet Place; Variety reports that the former The Office star has already lined up his next directing project, and it sounds like he’s heading to space. Life On Mars—not to be confused with the two TV shows that have already run with that Bowie-alluding name—will see Krasinski shifting his aims from post-apocalyptic Earth to the equally barren surface of our solar system’s fourth planet, centering on a young woman trying to survive on the Red Planet.

Krasinski—who’s still on the hook for Amazon’s upcoming Jack Ryan series, which debuts this August—is teaming back up with his production partners at Platinum Dunes for the film, based on a short story, “We Have Always Lived On Mars,” by Cecil Castellucci. Krasinski isn’t expected to show up on camera this time, which, considering how fucking tense A Quiet Place frequently got, might actually be for the best for his peace of mind.

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