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Illustration for article titled John Krasinski wants Marvel to let him play Mr. Fantastic, which isnt much of a… stretch
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John Krasinski missed out on playing Captain America, possibly because he couldn’t shrink his body down like Chris Evans did for that first movie (truly one of the most impressive feats any actor has done, all without the benefit of any moderately convincing computer graphics!), but he still has his eye on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking with Total Film, Krasinski revealed that he’s very interested in playing Mr. Fantastic if Marvel ever decides to get a new Fantastic Four movie off the ground. The studio controls those characters again now that it took over Fox’s film division, so Marvel will theoretically make Fantastic Four movie at some point, and Krasinski wants everyone to know that he “would love it” if he got that job


On the one hand, good for him. He’d probably do just fine playing the stretchy dude/moderately inattentive husband and father, and celebrities have made things happen in the past by publicly talking about which superhero they want to play. On the other hand, his wife is cooler and does more movies than he does, and she hasn’t even played a superhero yet. She’s even already in the Disney system after Mary Poppins Returns. What makes Jim from The Office think he should get an MCU gig before Emily Blunt? Unless she ends up playing Sue Storm or something and… Oh damn, someone tell Disney to call us ASAP. We just had a great idea and we don’t want anyone to steal it. (It’s that Rainn Wilson should play Ben Grimm.)

On a third hand, Krasinski wants to play Mr. Fantastic? Of all superheroes? This feels a little bit like Channing Tatum desperately trying to make a Gambit movie, even though there are so many superheroes who are not Gambit, but hopefully this works out a little better than that did.

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