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John Krasinski thinks The Office should come back for a Christmas special

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NBC has made it clear over the last few months that it would really like to bring back more of its older hits, with The Office in particular supposedly being penciled in for a possible revival during the 2018-2019 TV season. NBC hasn’t confirmed that, but if the network really is serious about resurrecting The Office, John Krasinski has some ideas. As reported by IndieWire, he says he’d “totally do it” if NBC wanted him to come back, but since The Office’s original run had a real series finale that everybody seems happy with, he doesn’t want to mess that up.


Instead, Krasinski thinks NBC should take some inspiration from the original British Office and do a one-off Christmas special that sees what Creed, Kevin, Phyllis, and all of your other favorite characters have been up to since the finale. “I love that idea, coming back [and] finding out where everybody is,” Krasinksi said, “I would totally be down for that.”

Even if they don’t use his Christmas special pitch, Krasinski would jump at the chance to reunite with his Dunder Mifflin friends because they never grew to resent each other like he says actors on other shows do. “Right until the end, we were a family, we were emotionally connected, we all cried our eyes out on the last day,” he says.

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