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John Krasinski revives Some Good News with Dwayne "Dwanta Claus" Johnson

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It’s been seven months since John Krasinski abandoned us. In May, he signed off from his homemade web series, Some Good News, and exploited our warm fuzzies for some fat stacks from ViacomCBS. Now, having likely upgraded to a new mansion, he’s returned for a holiday special with some more clips of people not being absolute monsters.

The highlight of the episode, however, comes in a cameo from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, here adopting the gimmick of Dwanta Claus. Johnson joins a video call with Krasinski and Jay Abel, a widowed father of two who, because this is America, is being forced to sell a bunch of his comics memorabilia to buy his kids Christmas presents. Abel had previously tweeted at Johnson, asking for an RT of his eBay page, and Johnson, the big-hearted lug, tells him he can keep his collectibles—he’ll buy Abel’s kids everything they want. He’ll also host them on the set of Black Adam when the air isn’t poisoned.

Watch it in full below:

Who else would like to see Dwanta Claus climb in the ring with Xanta Claus?

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