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John Krasinski is producing a blue-collar family comedy for Fox

(Photo: Getty Images, Paul Zimmerman)

John Krasinski may be a serious actor man now, but that won’t stop him from getting his comedy kicks elsewhere. According to Variety, Krasinski is set to produce a Fox comedy series called My Bad Parent that’s based on the blog and book of the same name. The project is being written by Family Guy’s Alex Carter, and it’ll reportedly follow a “blue-collar, loving-but-imperfect family” with the perspective shifting between “the blunt working mother” and her “pubescent son.” Presumably, the mom will be a “bad parent,” but in a fun/endearing way that just makes the familial bond between her and the son even stronger.

Variety notes that this will be Krasinski’s “first-ever executive producer credit on a major broadcast scripted series,” and if that sounds like a very specific achievement, it’s because Krasinski has actually produced a lot of stuff already, like Lip Sync Battle (which he co-created), his film The Hollars, and the final season of The Office.


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