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People can’t shut up about A Quiet Place—even Seth Meyers, when he should be interviewing John Krasinski

John Krasinski, Seth Meyers
Screenshot: Late Night With Seth Meyers

On Wednesday’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, newly minted, unlikely horror movie top dog John Krasinski played at some Jim Halpert-style aw-shucks humility. Host Meyers read off a selection of the appreciative tweets from celebrity fans of Krasinski’s new film (as co-writer, star, and director), A Quiet Place. Coming from the likes of Ryan Reynolds, LeBron James, and master of horror himself, Stephen King, the overwhelming sentiment echoed the critical consensus that the movie is, indeed, a solidly innovative and scary time, while Krasinski basked in the warm glow of a critical and box office hit. Krasinski did admit that he wasn’t into the whole horror movie idea at first, telling Meyers that, before reading the script, his response to his reps was a dismissive, “No. Why would I do that?

But, noting that the film’s familial themes are what got to him more than the slimy, mostly offscreen monsters, the star of the upcoming Jack Ryan series especially praised the two young actors who played the onscreen kids of himself and real-life spouse Emily Blunt. He also said that the decision to cast a deaf actress (Wonderstruck’s outstanding Millicent Simmonds) as the couple’s deaf daughter was “non-negotiable,” which is a solid move, representation-wise.

Still, if Krasinski’s Halpert-esque good guy modesty was on display, he also reminded viewers that Jim could be kind of a dick, too. Mock-mocking Meyers for not joining in on the public love-fest about A Quiet Place—especially Chris Pratt’s effusive video testimonial taped while driving home from the movie theater—Krasinski successfully guilted Meyers into duplicating Pratt’s goofily exuberant endorsement, pretty much word-for-word. Coerced thought it may have been, the buzz suggests it’s hard to dispute both Meyers’ and Pratt’s assessment that the movie is “freakin’ dope.”


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