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Amazon’s bid to be the TV of tomorrow by taking advantage of the TV of yesterday continues, as the fledgling Amazon Studios has begun casting one of its six recently acquired original pilots by talking to John Goodman. The always-welcome Goodman, who can drop by Community or even this little Super Bowl get-together we’re having if he wants, has been tapped as the first member of Alpha House, the political comedy from Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau. He’d play Gil John Biggs, a rather obviously named “large man with large appetites” who’s transitioned from being a successful basketball coach into his tenure as a North Carolina Senator—one of four Senators who room together in a rented D.C. house, presumably getting into all sorts of senatorial shenanigans. “Who filibustered this vote on raising the debt ceiling? Alpha HOOOOOUSE!” Harry Reid will bellow. And then we'll all make jokes about how John Goodman "really ties the chamber together," or how he "sure as shit doesn't fucking roll call," and so our time in each other's company will pass, sweetly as a summer afternoon.


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