According to a report in Variety and some guttural rumblings overheard while cowering in the brush, John Goodman is considering taking a small role in The Hangover Part III, a job that would mean at least a few days of shooting that could keep him away from the adorable bunny rabbit that the actor has so ruthlessly been trying to eat. "The big monster man go away soon. I is scared," the adorable bunny rabbit said in a statement, his nose twitching rapidly out of constant fear that Goodman will scoop him up and turn him into a rabbit stew, as he has bellowed on so many an occasion. The role would reportedly be similar to Paul Giamatti's in the second Hangover film, with Goodman playing some sort of villain—not unlike the part he has often played at home, taunting the adorable bunny he discovered several months ago nibbling on his yard by boiling up a huge pot of water and chuckling maliciously as he tosses chopped carrots and onions inside. After being informed that Goodman's joining—along with the recent confirmations of Ken Jeong and Heather Graham—likely means that director Todd Phillips is nearing completion on casting for the final Hangover film, the adorable bunny added, "Pwease help me. I no want to die."