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John Goodman joins Boston bombing drama Patriots Day

10 Cloverfield Lane

John Goodman is teaming up with J.K. Simmons and Mark Wahlberg to solve the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, presumably by yelling the tragic event into patriotic submission. Goodman—who’s currently drawing strong reviews for his performance as Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s bearded bunker-mate in 10 Cloverfield Lane—has signed on for Patriots Day, one of several ongoing attempts to put the events of April 15, 2013 up on theater screens. Directed by Lone Survivors Peter Berg, the film will see Goodman play the role of former Boston police commissioner Ed Davis, who was instrumental in leading the manhunt for the culprits of the attack.

That role was originally attached to Wahlberg, who’s apparently foregone it in the interest of another part—presumably one that will let him personally tackle one of the bombers, and once again retroactively right the wrongs of America’s past. According to Berg, meanwhile, Davis is “an American hero, and John Goodman brings the extraordinary combination of humility, gravitas and empathy to portray him,” so you might want to have your flags and Golden Globes ready to wave and hand out, respectively, when Patriots Day hits theaters this December.


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