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John Goodman comin' to Community

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Scourge of the streets John Goodman will set aside his parasitic preying on petty drug traffickers and bring that same ominous air to Community, where he’ll enter an equally bloody turf war with Jim Rash’s Dean by playing the newly introduced Vice Dean of Greendale’s prestigious school of air conditioning repair. Goodman’s hard-bitten stoicism and impenetrable sneer should lend itself well to the role of the “distinguished, confident” administrator, and here we’ll stop pretending to confuse Goodman with other recently announced Community guest star Michael K. Williams, because, really, Goodman has his own breed of lovable volatility, and he should bring just the right sort of imperiousness to a character who lords over the most powerful department on campus. Goodman has also been contributing solid dramatic turns in shows like Damages and Treme of late, and it’ll be nice to see him just trying to be funny again, before he gets himself strapped and back out there chasing that paper. [via Vulture]


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