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John Goodman and Sara Gilbert had a mini-Roseanne reunion on The Talk

The Talk

Before she became a frequent guest star on The Big Bang Theory, or had her own daytime talk show (The Talk) on CBS, Sara Gilbert was best known as one of the co-stars of Roseanne, playing the Conner family’s sarcastic middle child Darlene. Today, Gilbert celebrated her old TV dad John Goodman stopping by The Talk to promote his upcoming Kong: Skull Island by throwing a mini-Roseanne reunion, recreating the Conner’s blue-collar Illinois home for an opening sketch.

Parodying Gilbert’s own early realizations about her sexuality, the bit sees her come out to Goodman—snoring on the couch in a classic Dan Conner pose—that she’s a talk show host. Ever the good dad, he takes the shocking revelation in stride.


As noted by Uproxx, this isn’t the first time Gilbert has hosted a Roseanne reunion; when Roseanne Barr came on The Talk for her 62nd birthday, Gilbert surprised her with appearances from Michael “D.J.” Fishman, and Alicia Goranson, one half of the show’s Becky supply.

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