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Roseanne Barr’s Downwardly Mobile is already essentially a rehash of Roseanne—what with its focus on finding the funny in poor people, its setting among the even lower-rent digs of a trailer park, and of course, all that Roseanne—and suddenly that's even more official. Deadline reports that John Goodman is in final negotiations to join the NBC pilot, thus reuniting with his former TV wife, former Roseanne executive producer Eric Gilliland, and former role as that guy whose lovably teddy-bearish persona softens Roseanne’s natural abrasiveness and makes her seem human, even almost likable. Of course, this time Goodman will be doing all of that from slightly further away, as he’ll just be playing an employee and “buddy” of Roseanne’s mobile home park owner (maybe even one who has been dead of a heart attack this whole time). And double of-course, all of this planning could be for naught should Roseanne Barr become president. On the off chance that doesn’t happen, however, expect to hear rumors of a return from Michael “D.J.” Fishman any day now, issuing from the immediate vicinity of Michael Fishman’s couch.


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