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Screenshot: Rachel (Vimeo)

Over the years, the comedy partnership of John Early and Kate Berlant has produced some fantastic videos, many of which focus on the kinds of characters and situations that make viewers feel unsettled to the point of nervous laughter. Their latest short, however, verges on being straight-up horrifying. Directed by Andrew DeYoung, Rachel tells the story of an uninvited guest at a going-away party at Early’s house. Over the course of ten minutes, things get increasingly uncomfortable and increasingly more absurd. See for yourself below, but maybe don’t watch it alone.


Rachel from Andrew DeYoung on Vimeo.

Adding to the sheer horror of the situation is the fact that this is apparently based on true events. If you stick around through the credits, you’ll catch a glimpse of the real “Rachel” as she was filmed being confronted at the original party. Congrats to Early and Berlant for being able to find humor in such a weird, unsettling experience, and thanks for reminding us to lock our doors even when we’re having parties.


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