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John Cusack might play Rush Limbaugh on the big screen

Forever invalidating your “Top 5 Least Likely Roles For John Cusack” list, the actor is said to be developing a feature about conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh—with Cusack in the lead role. Private Parts director Betty Thomas told the Associated Press Friday that’s she’s working with Cusack and his production company, New Crime, to begin shooting the tentatively titled Rush in 2013. (According to Deadline, however, that start date, like many things associated with Limbaugh, is a bit of an exaggeration.) And while Rush might not have a finished script, an additional hurdle exists in the physical disparities between Limbaugh and the erstwhile Lloyd Dobler—though anyone who’s ever followed Cusack on Twitter knows he’s quite capable of playing a political blowhard.


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