Sometimes you really have to go the extra mile to snag that one perfect high-profile guest star for your TV show pilot. Maybe you have to drive a limo through Los Angeles as the world literally blows up around you to prove you’re a good enough father. Maybe you have to spend a night in a spooky hotel room to prove how smart and brave you are. You could even sit outside their bedroom with a boom box to prove that, in their eyes—the light, the heat—in their eyes—you are complete. But that’s a bit cliché. Barring those options, you could just cast yourself.

That’s exactly what John Cusack is doing for his yet-untitled CBS drama pilot, according to Deadline. The show will focus on Boardwalk Empire’s Charlie Cox, who will play a “smart, sophisticated hedge fund trader.” Cusack, who is an executive producer on the project, will be guest-starring as Ted, a “cynical former Wall Street trader who left the business.” Cusack’s character will presumably teach Cox’s character about the dangers of a high-intensity money-filled Wall Street life, and also probably about how to create the absolute best mix-tape for a high-intensity money-filled Wall Street life.