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John Cleese performs a very British recap of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

With AMC’s The Walking Dead set to finally reveal the payoff of last season’s big cliffhanger on Sunday, this week should give any of they show’s lapsed viewers a chance to catch back up and reconnect with Rick Grimes and his merry band of survivors—one of whom will get their skull smashed into gooey bits in a few days. Of course, the show has been on for six seasons now, and a couple of those seasons weren’t very good, so you might not actually want to go back through every single episode just so you can properly appreciate the gravity of Sunday’s head-smashing extravaganza.

Luckily, British streaming service Now TV is here for you, and it has enlisted famous Englishman John Cleese to give a quick, jokey recap of all six seasons of The Walking Dead. Naturally, the whole thing is filled with spoilers, but it should actually do a good job of catching you up on the show’s most important plot points—though it does quickly skip over the second season’s largely stagnant farm adventure, which is pretty funny. It’s also interesting to see how extremely violent American TV shows are marketed over in the UK, which is apparently done by making them look silly and fun. What a strange and fantastical land.

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