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John Cho joins new Netflix film from Master Of None's co-creator

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His entertaining new abduction thriller Searching comes out this weekend (and goes nationwide next week), and there’s the ongoing drama over what’s going to happen with Star Trek 4, but John Cho isn’t just sitting around waiting for Quentin Tarantino to let Sulu unleash a string of f-bombs in space.


No, the actor is quickly filling up his schedule by signing on to a new Netflix drama. Variety reports Cho is set to star in Tigertail, a new movie from the Master Of None co-creator who isn’t Aziz Ansari, Alan Yang. Yang is writing and directing the story based on his own family, dealing with “regret, longing, passion, and repression while spanning continents and generations, from 1950s Taiwan to present-day New York City.” The film is set to star longtime actor Tzi Ma (Arrival) and relative newcomer Christine Ko (Hawaii Five-O, The Great Indoors), with Cho taking a supporting role.

No word on whether this movie is set in the same universe as the Star Trek films, so it’s anyone’s guess as to whether Cho will be a time-traveler from the future in all his scenes. But given the thoughtful and serious description of Yang’s film, we’re going to go ahead and predict, “Absolutely, yes, 100 percent, that’s only reasonable.”

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