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John Cho cursed to join The Grudge remake

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Star Trek star John Cho is the next prominent actor in desperate danger of being Grudged, with Bloody Disgusting reporting that Cho has signed on for the upcoming remake of the American remake of the J-horror original, Ju-On. Joining a cast that includes Demian Bichir and Andrea Riseborough, Cho—who recently stretched his horror chops on the second season of The Exorcist—will play a character whose details have yet to be revealed, although we can make an educated guess that he’s probably the sort of person prone to wandering into aggressively haunted houses, and then getting the shit grudged out of him by a little-boy-cat-ghost or his vengeful mom.


Produced by Sam Raimi, and written and directed by Nicolas Pesce, the new Grudge film is just the latest installment in the endlessly prolific horror franchise; the series’ latest film was a full-on Japanese horror crossover, pitting resident croaking ghost girl Kayako against well-based, stringy-haired ghost girl Sadako from the Ringu films. This latest remake will be largely disconnected from the original Grudge continuity, though, transplanting the curse from Japan to American suburbia, instead.

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