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Vin Diesel’s Fast And The Furious franchise is the rare Hollywood institution that both contains, and is, Ludacris, something made clearer than ever with today’s release of the trailer for the series’ much-anticipated ninth installment. We can accept many things in these movies’ hyper-stylized world: Cars with rocket engines strapped to them. Jeeps plowing their way across old-timey suspension bridges. “Magnet planes.” But we’re not going to lie: Accepting that John Cena is playing Dom Toretto’s long-lost evil brother—So angsty! So fraternal!—is an especially hard load of beef to get down.

And yet it’s still extremely hard not to get caught up in the “Aw, fuck it” spirit of the trailer, which continues the series’ tradition of applying Looney Tunes physics to the world of automotive combat. (Also: Family!) Add in the thrill of seeing fan-and-Justin-Lin-favorite Han somehow back from the dead—and the lurking suspicion that this movie may or may not be a multi-million dollar subtweet of another WWE star Diesel sometimes categorizes as a “little brother” (despite the fact that he is, on every conceivable metric, a far more successful movie star than the man himself)—and it’s hard not to get caught up in the ride.


Fast And Furious 9 slams its way into theaters on May 22.

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