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John Carpenter wrote a theme song for the Shudder streaming service

Photo: Awakening (Getty Images for City Of Turin)

Everybody loves the iconic intro themes for Hulu (“vuuuUUUWAH!”) and Netflix (“BuhDUMMM!”), but horror-based streaming service Shudder is looking to put those little noises to shame with an actual theme song written by John Carpenter. Apparently, Shudder is not content to just stick it to its competitors with a significantly more robust collection of spooky offerings, it also had to stick it to them by getting a real-life horror icon to write its theme song—even though a streaming service having a theme song isn’t really a thing that anyone else has ever put much thought into.

This comes from Pitchfork, which says the new theme will begin playing in front of Shudder videos in five-second chunks on Halloween. If you can’t wait until then, though, Shudder has uploaded the whole song—appropriately titled “Shudder”—on YouTube. We’ll say this about it: The song is certainly spooky, and it’s certainly written by John Carpenter.

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