John Carpenter’s synth-driven film scores have experienced a cultural resurgence of late, referenced by modern composers in movies like The Guest, Cold In July, and Drive, and inspiring such electronic acts as Steve Moore, Com Truise, Umberto, Power Glove, Pye Corner Audio, and many others. Building on this momentum, Sacred Bones Records will release an album of new Carpenter music on February 3, 2015.

Titled Lost Themes, the album was originally rumored to be unreleased material that Carpenter had discarded for his previous films. But it turns out the songs are all new creations—although listeners are encouraged to envision Kurt Russell screaming in the foreground as they play. In the press release, Carpenter calls them “little moments of score from movies made in our imaginations.”


The track listing reads like discarded band names for a Tampa goth outfit:

1. Vortex

2. Obsidian

3. Fallen

4. Domain

5. Mystery

6. Abyss

7. Wraith

8. Purgatory

9. Night

“Vortex,” embedded below, certainly has that familiar, driving synth-pulse that has made his musical work so enduring. You can also listen to it while a loop of scenes from Carpenter’s films play in the background. No word yet on when to expect Wes Craven’s smooth jazz album, Jammin’ with Craven.