(Photo: Gabriel Grams/Getty Images)

It’s hard to think of a better host for a televised night of horror films from young and upcoming filmmakers than John Carpenter. His filmography—including classics like 1978’s Halloween and 1982’s The Thing—reads like the syllabus for a film school Suspense 101 class. So, choosing him as face for the premiere episode of El Rey’s The People’s Network Showcase: Horror Edition, as Deadline is reporting, must have been an easy decision.

“When I started El Rey I wanted the network to provide a new pipeline for creators. My roots are in independent filmmaking and I believe in providing opportunities to people working outside of the studio system,” network founder Robert Rodriguez said in a statement. “We’ve discovered these terrific short films by very talented makers and with this on-air special hosted by my friend John Carpenter, we can help get them noticed.”


This debut episode of the anthology series will showcase ten short horror films, including one from Eli Roth. Subsequent episodes will feature different hosts and different subjects. Lest you doubt the entertainment value of the 68-year-old industry veteran expounding upon the horror craft, watch this clip of him discussing the history of the genre and why Rob Zombie is a jerk.

The People’s Network Showcase: Horror Edition will air on El Rey on October 30, otherwise known as Mischief Night.