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John Carpenter, Hilary Swank officially sign on for Fangland

Hey, you know what would make a good premise for a movie? Something about vampires, preferably with a modern, sexy spin. Of course, even our general fatigue with all things immortal and emotionally conflicted abates slightly with the news that John Carpenter has officially signed on to direct Fangland, the adaptation of John Marks’ 2007 novel about a TV reporter who becomes entangled with a modern-day Dracula. After all, the veteran horror director brought a certain eau de batshit—and we mean that in the best way possible—to his last bloodsucker film, the James Woods-starring Vampires. And with his forthcoming The Ward due this summer after his nearly 10-year absence from movie screens, it certainly seems as though Carpenter is experiencing a late-career reinvigoration. Coming Soon reports that Hilary Swank will take on the lead role of Evangeline Harker, whose encounter with the vampire Ion Torgu in Transylvania results in his sinister presence following her back to New York in the form of coffins being delivered to her office and mysterious e-mails. Spooooooky e-mails.


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