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John Carpenter doesn’t really care about the Big Trouble In Little China remake

Dwayne “The Remake” Johnson is remaking Big Trouble In Little China, and unlike most people who remake stuff, he actually wants to keep fans of the original happy. That’s why he has said that he wants John Carpenter—who directed the original—to be involved with his remake. At the very least, it shows that The Rock’s mighty heart is in the right place.

As for Carpenter, though, he doesn’t seem to care about the Big Trouble In Little China remake one way or another…but, like, in a cool way. Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Carpenter said that he hasn’t “spoken to Dwayne Johnson about any of this” and that, in general, he’s “ambivalent about a remake.” However, he could care about it, depending on “how much they pay [him].” It’s a refreshingly direct response from a filmmaker whose movie is about to get remade, and if you combine that pragmatism with Johnson’s enthusiasm, this Big Trouble remake could end up being…interesting? It’ll be something, at least.


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