No matter your opinion on David Gordon Greenā€™s Halloween, it certainly was an event, shattering the records for the biggest opening in the franchise, the biggest opening weekend for a horror film with a female lead, and the biggest opening weekend for any film, ever, with a female lead over 55. It also marks series creator John Carpenterā€™s return to the franchise as a composer, alongside his son Cody and their frequent collaborator and touring bandmate Daniel Davies. And among the highlights of the scoreā€”one of our best film soundtracks of 2018ā€”is a new, reimagined take on Carpenterā€™s Halloween theme.

Weā€™ve got an exclusive clip of John Carpenter talking about how he composed that iconic piece of horror historyā€”a big deal, considering Carpenter is usually reluctant to discuss his ā€˜70s output in interviewsā€”above. That clip, which includes the delightful detail that Carpenterā€™s ringtone is the Halloween theme, comes from the special features on Halloweenā€™s upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release, which hits stores on January 15.