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Last year, horror maestro John Carpenter released Lost Themes, his first album of non-soundtrack music, to critical and horror-nerd acclaim. It went so well, the director decided to take the next step and play his first-ever live shows at a couple of European festivals, as well as a few dates in England. And now, as with certain films he’s done, he is moving to release a sequel: Lost Themes II is scheduled to come out April 15 via Sacred Bones. (You can pre-order the record on iTunes here.)

American audiences, however, are still waiting to hear if there are any live shows in the works on this side of the Atlantic. To that, the press release speaks very directly, and also very non-specifically. “U.S. dates coming soon,” it says, reaffirming Carpenter’s status as the master of suspense. In the meantime, there are a few more details about the new record: Once again, Carpenter worked with his son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies, and the record still emphasizes Carpenter’s signature minimalist synth sound, but with more guitars fleshing out the music. Lost Themes II has 11 tracks, and will likely pair wonderfully with nights when your roommates are out of town, you’ve just gone to bed, and you suddenly realize you could’ve sworn you closed that window.


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