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John C. Reilly says he’s signed on for a Wreck-It Ralph sequel

Wreck-It Ralph

According to John C. Reilly, not only will there be a Wreck-It Ralph sequel, he’s already attached to reprise his role as lovable video game villain-turned-hero Ralph. Reilly made the announcement during an interview with the Irish radio program RTE Arena on Sunday; he was in Ireland as a guest of honor for the Galway Film Fleadh.

In 2013, Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore said he would jump at the opportunity to direct a sequel. Details beyond Reilly’s attachment remain scarce, but hopefully the sequel will also see the return of the Sarah Silverman-voiced Vanellope Glitch, the cutest sidekick to ever sidekick. A sequel also means more opportunities to trot out familiar gaming faces, and Disney is reportedly in talks with Nintendo to license more characters from popular video and arcade games. If Mario makes an appearance, we have a feeling he’ll be somewhat of a jerk. Anyone who says their own name as much as he does is probably a narcissist, right?


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