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Illustration for article titled John Boyega working with Netflix to develop non-English films for Africa
Photo: Stuart C. Wilson (Getty Images)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Boyega and his UpperRoom Productions label are teaming up with Netflix to help bolster the streaming service’s content for Africa, with an emphasis on non-English films and adaptations of African “literary properties, Nollywood classics, screenplays, and mythology.” Netflix’s first African movie, Queen Sono, just came out last month, and it clearly has big plans for its expansion into the continent if it’s having a production company specifically focus on it and using a famous guy from Star Wars.


Boyega, whose family is from Nigeria, said in a statement that he’s “thrilled” to be working with Netflix on this, especially with the idea of making non-English films that adapt African stories and “original material.” We don’t know much else about what Boyega is planning or if he’ll have any more active involvement in these projects, but he did found UpperRoom in 2016 so he could serve as a producer on Pacific Rim: Uprising, so in that one example he did also star in the thing he’s producing.

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