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Per Variety, John Boyega is heading to Netflix with a thriller from Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier called Rebel Ridge. The film will continue Saulnier’s relationship with the streaming platform, which released his 2018 action-thriller Hold The Dark starring Jeffrey Wright and Alexander Skarsgard. While there aren’t many available details that would shed light on the film’s plot, Variety says it “will be a high-velocity thriller that explores systemic American injustices through bone-breaking action sequences, suspense and dark humor.” This, of course, can mean just about anything, so we won’t even begin to speculate. However, The A.V. Club’s A.A. Dowd has had generally positive experiences with Saulnier’s past work, grading Hold The Dark at an above average B- and Blue Ruin and  Green Room a very respectable A-.

This is one of the first post-Star Wars roles that we have to look forward to as the Boyega-led trilogy wraps up this December with The Rise Of Skywalker. As of now, there is no production or release schedule for Rebel Ridge.


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