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If all the promos are accurate, the Marvel Cinematic Universe won’t look the same after Avengers: Infinity War. Heroes will be lost, either to retirement or Thanos’ giant mitts. Of course, this is all going according to plan for Marvel Studios, which is poised to kick off the cosmic universe soon enough, as well as debut its first female-led superhero movie.


The studio’s also probably looking around for new talent to add to the ever-expanding MCU, and with a résumé that includes a couple of world-saving roles, John Boyega seems like a great fit. Apparently, Marvel and the Stars: The Last Jedi and Pacific Rim: Uprising star agree, as Boyega recently revealed that he’d met with the studio about joining the MCU. This comes from Bounding Into Comics, which covered Boyega’s weekend appearance at Awesome Con. Once again, the actor made it very clear that there’s no way he’ll attempt to follow in Wesley Snipes’ footsteps as Blade. But as for setting up residence in some part of the MCU, Boyega said he has had “meetings with Marvel about potentially taking on a Marvel superhero.” There’s no word on whether Boyega was mulling over any specific role, but according to Bounding Into Comics, the actor was “adamant this would be way down the line and most likely wouldn’t be happening in the near future” anyway.

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