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John Belushi replacement Jim Belushi believes Emile Hirsch is no John Belushi replacement

Noted John Belushi replacement expert Jim Belushi has, like everyone else, heard that Emile Hirsch will be playing his late brother in Steve Conrad’s upcoming biopic. But unlike everyone else, he has some very personal reasons for being skeptical about the casting: While he thinks Hirsch is a “terrific actor,” Jim Belushi knows that John Belushi can only be replaced by a younger Belushi, according to prophecy. In this case, that would be his own son Robert, who’s now 33 and thus “the same age that John passed away at, and he looks like him.” Of course, Robert Belushi’s close resemblance to John Belushi is certainly subject to debate, while his filmography, which mostly involves playing “Linus” on How I Met Your Mother, doesn’t necessarily argue for making the leap to feature film lead. But far more importantly, his name is “Belushi,” and taking over for John Belushi is every Belushi’s birthright, and occasionally John Goodman’s. The world ignores the order of things at its peril.


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