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Joel Schumacher is writing a comic-book sequel to Batman & Robin

Banking on comic-book fans’ tolerance for superhero nipples, Joel Schumacher is reportedly reviving Batman & Robin in comics form. The 12-issue series will be drawn by Dustin Nguyen and written by Schumacher from the screenplay for Batman Triumphant, originally written by Mark Protosevich.

Batman Triumphant was supposed to be the third in Schumacher’s series of Batman movies, but was scrapped after the entire world banded together in hatred for Batman & Robin. The story supposedly revolves around the Scarecrow planting hallucinations of the Joker in Batman’s mind, and will hopefully answer at least some of the questions that have plagued fans for the past 17 years, like: What’s the credit limit on Batman’s GothCard? If you kicked some ice, wouldn’t you just fall down?, and so on.


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