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Joel McHale will host The Soup through 2016

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In addition to following Community to its new Yahoo home, the ever-loyal Joel McHale has no plans to quit his day job. According to Variety, the actor/comedian has signed a deal with E! to continue hosting The Soup through 2016. McHale has been The Soup’s drily detached, pop culture-skewering host since 2004, and even after Community helped raise his profile, McHale still finds time to mock celebrity meltdowns, Oprah’s vajayjay, and Ryan Seacrest every week.

McHale released this (appropriately sarcastic) statement:

I’m thrilled to be working at E! for two more years hosting The Soup. Although I narrowly beat Mitt Romney out for the job in a number of states, I’m confident that I can keep up the same quality of humorous observation of shows like Naked Dating and Bad Girls Club Season 12 Reunion Part 2 that the American people age 18-49 have come to expect and deserve. Thank you E!, Comcast Universal, and the entire Dallas Maverick organization.


McHale’s production company, Free Period Productions, is also set to continue its production development deal giving E! first-look rights to non-scripted series. Thus, like a snake eating its own tail, McHale can ensure there is never a lack of reality TV to take down on The Soup.

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