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Joel McHale to play a futuristic matchmaker for Hulu


According to Variety, Community’s Joel McHale and Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland have joined the cast of Dimension 404, an upcoming sci-fi anthology series from Hulu. Hyland will be an “unassumingly cute, typically independent high school student” who has just realized that “boys are into her,” which for some reason inspires her to go see a sci-fi movie “in a fresh, never-before-seen cinematic format” with her “uncle/best pal.” We’re not sure where that story will go, but Black Mirror has trained us to the see the darkest possible path in sci-fi anthology shows, so we’re very concerned about the fate of Hyland’s unassumingly cute high school student.

McHale will appear in a different episode, playing a “charismatic, eccentric, yet slightly patronizing founder of a matchmaking company that offers single adults a seemingly perfect solution to finding love.” Again, Black Mirror would take that in a terrifying direction where everybody’s perfect match is just a holographic replica of themselves or something, and the human race would go extinct because people are too self-obsessed to bother talking to anyone else. Anyway, Variety also says that Lea Michele and Robert Buckley will be in McHale’s episode, playing a couple that he matchmade. Hopefully things will work out for them, but they probably won’t.


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