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Joel McHale joins Seth MacFarlane's Ted

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Joel McHale will continue to do God’s work by making snide humor seem sexy and charming in Ted, Seth MacFarlane’s live-action, R-rated comedy about Mark Wahlberg repeatedly becoming exasperated by a CGI teddy bear. McHale will play the “sleazy boss” who’s constantly hitting on Wahlberg’s character’s girlfriend played by Mila Kunis, who refuses to marry Wahlberg until he sets up some new boundaries between himself and his hard-drinking, skirt-chasing—and since he's voiced by MacFarlane, probably showtune-singing—stuffed animal buddy.


It’s the second such “sleazy boss” role McHale has accepted of late, as he plays an executive loving-then-leaving his employee Anna Faris in What’s Your Number?, and part of an overall big upcoming year for McHale in the moving pictures, where he’ll be seen opposite Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black in the fittingly titled The Big Year, as well as in Spy Kids 4, where he and Jessica Alba will play a married couple. As always, we’re torn between enjoying the increased demand for McHale and the selfish desire to chain him to the set of The Soup. So conflicted.

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