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Joel Edgerton to become Florida Man for new limited series

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The Florida Man has many names and many faces, but only one true calling: For where there is chaos, Florida Man is there. Where there are bath salts and unconscionable acts with lawn equipment, Florida Man is there. And where there are cases of Cold Ones, well, partner, you can bet your ass Florida Man will be there. The prolific deeds of Florida Man have made him something of a contemporary folk gremlin, but soon this maker of ill-begotten and oft-ignorant mischief will be empowered through the television art form of “limited series.” Giving a voice (and a handsome face) to the Florida Man is Joel Edgerton, who surely recognizes that there is a little Florida Man (or Woman) within us all. Deadline reports that Edgerton will executive produce and star in a limited series simply titled Florida Man, based on the Tom Cooper novel of the same name.


Published in July, Cooper’s novel is a dark comedy centering on a man (Florida Man) who lives in Florida (Florida Man!) and finds his scant livelihood threatened by sinkholes (Florida, man). But soon the disenfranchised ne’er-do-well discovers artifacts on his property that reframe his heritage and the land’s history. Perhaps not all Florida Men are destined to become Florida Man. Florida Man the series will be scripted and executive produced by Graham Gordy, the co-creator of Quarry.

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