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Joe Wright and Tom Hanks are going back to World War II for In The Garden Of Beasts

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

According to Variety, Darkest Hour director Joe Wright and general World War II aficionado Tom Hanks are teaming up for an adaptation for Erik Larson’s book In The Garden Of Beasts. The book should play into both of their interests, as its based around the true story of William Dodd, a professor from Chicago who became the United States’ first ambassador to Nazi Germany before Adolf Hitler started to, you know, move forward with the true extent of his evil schemes. Dodd catches on to the German government’s abuse against Jewish people and tries to warn the U.S. government that this Hitler guy is bad news, but his concerns are ignored and he gradually begins to learn the scope of what the Nazis are intending.

That obviously sounds like a perfect Tom Hanks role, but at this point he’s only officially on board as an executive producer—though there are talks that he’ll star as well. Of course, if he does star, it’ll be more like Bridge Of Spies Hanks than Saving Private Ryan Hanks, but more Hanks is usually good either way.


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