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Joe Swanberg bringing his Drinking Buddies back for next movie

Micro-budget, Chicago-based filmmaker Joe Swanberg is following up his most high-profile project, 2013’s Drinking Buddies, with many of those same drinking buddies in tow. The largely improvisational, hyper-prolific Swanberg, has reportedly wrapped Digging For Fire, co-written with Drinking Buddies star Jake Johnson, and also featuring that film’s Anna Kendrick. (Kendrick—who also appeared alongside Lena Dunham in Swanberg’s 2014 film, Happy Christmas—seems to be slowly emerging as Swanberg’s perky muse.) Joining them this time are Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Brie Larson, Orlando Bloom, Jenny Slate, and comedian Mike Birbiglia. There are no plot details on Digging For Fire as of yet; however, Johnson told Vulture in March, “There will be a lot more drinking in it.”


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